Castle Wedding Cakes for Fairy Tale Themed Weddings

In order to step out of a traditional wedding celebration, many couples decide to have their special day performed under various themes, and fairy tale theme counts among many preferences of non-traditional wedding couples.

Castle Wedding CakesSource
Castle Wedding Cakes

This will definitely require for a different style of wedding cake, the three tier cake being already too widely displayed in portfolios of many bakers. One example of a more distinct style is castle wedding cake which can be beautifully colored and decorated with elements that replicate a real castle in miniature.

Castle Wedding Cakes Source
Castle Wedding Cakes

There are many cake decorators who are very experienced in replicating various versions of castles. They are inspired by architectural styles of medieval castles to create the castle wedding cake in very complex details, many of such castles resembling to Romanesque style, early English gothic style, while others copying various designs that come from animated fairy styles.

Castle Wedding Cakes Source
Castle Wedding Cakes

Apart from these styles, you can find castle wedding cakes created in a combination of styles, some of them including only a minimalist approach of castle and others coming with intricate details that do not necessarily find their reflection in a real architecture of a castle.

Speaking of intricate details; some of these castle wedding cakes incorporate even the details of a king and queen or a chariot placed on the plateau where the castle cake is fixed.

If you choose also the castle design of your wedding cake take a look inside the online images displaying these wonderful creations of cake decorators and bakers to see for yourself how far their creativity and imagination have gone! You can expect to pay quite an amount for such a wedding cake but it will really worth surprising your wedding guests with such a marvelous creation that will last in their memory for the rest of their life.

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