Celebrating love and marriage with a sweet taste of cake

Throughout the years the meaning of the wedding cake hasn’t change but it’s been noticed an increased interest for its look, more exactly for the design part. But still this is not enough to make a perfect cake presentation so the last finish of all is to add the decoration part, the topper. In a wide range option there’s been noticed a preference for the bride and groom cake toppers.

bride and groom cake toppers

Even though appreciated as being a classic choice the diversity of style changes this fact so that what you choose will be the expression of your theme, the joking spirit or whatever ankle you want to approach. In relevant examples it can be about:

bride and groom cake toppers

Bride and groom cake toppers with a fun note. In this category are the figurines representing hilarious situations, speaking at the phone separately, fishing, a chain on their feet, climbing on the cake etc. While some consider there must be a connection with the theme or decor of the wedding to choose something like this others believe it is just the pleasure to see smiles, to hear laughing all around about this idea.

Bride and groom cake toppers representing the perfection. You know those couples from stories, the prince and princess that live happily ever after so many couples want a representation of that as their topper.

bride and groom cake toppers

Bride and groom cake toppers with lovely gestures. From kissing to hugging, dancing, jumping one in the arms of the other, the groom kneeing in front of the bride as he did when proposed there are a lot of ideas of such kind. These are more for romantic couples.

Bride and groom cake toppers with hints for the incoming period. Mostly common to see them preparing to go in their honeymoon, so dressed properly for that as to suggest the destination it can also be about a baby in the scene.


Bride and groom cake toppers bring the decoration part on the same stage representation of the event theme; while some consider they can dispose of such an item others can’t see the cake a complete adorable view without it. You can have to out of chocolate and eat it or keep it as memory.

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