Celebrities And Expensive Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a delicate matter, don’t you agree? Think well, you will wear them your whole life, so be sure to pick something special for you and your future-wife, so that both of you are going to be proud of! Wedding rings symbolize the infinite circle, the union between a man and his wife, their connected destinies and that can never be broken. Well, they are not cheap at all, if you think especially about the valuable ones. Usually gold, silver and platinum are the materials used to make them, along with precious stones or different carving techniques, like filigree, for example.

Why don’t we talk about married celebrities? Everyone loves a little gossip, uh? They do have lots and lots of money, don’t they? And they easily afford expensive wedding rings . They don’t think about the costs, they just… buy them and then brag about them!

Who do you think is possessing the most expensive wedding ring in the whole world? Any ideas? Well, daddy’s little blonde girl, Paris Hilton, to be frankly. She has the honor of wearing a $4,2 million 24-Carat emerald-cut diamond ring. I’m sure you thought of Donald Trump being the first on the list, but he is just on the second place. The ring he gave to Melania Knauss is worth $3 million and it’s a 15-Carat diamond.

In 2004 it was the most expensive in the world. But now is outran by Paris’ wedding ring. The third place is being taken by Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis’ 40-Carat diamond ring, valued at $2,6 million. Michael Douglas spent $2 million on a 10-Carat marquise cut antique diamond for his beautiful and beloved Catherine Zeta Jones, therefore he is qualifying for the forth place in our top 5. Tom Cruise is the 5th to give to his wife a very expensive wedding ring with an Edwardian Style oval shaped diamond, worth $1,5 million.

Celebrities don’t have any limits when buying jewelry for people they love. Other famous artist that gave or that wear expensive wedding rings are Jennifer Lopez, Prince Charles, Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Garner. For them, the idea of too expensive in the matter of jewelry doesn’t exist.

They will never have the need to resort to free wedding rings or such other opportunities. Also, famous wedding ring designers will never die of hunger, they will always have people buying their jewelry for huge prices. The honor of wearing such beautiful, exquisite, unique wedding rings is only available for few people.

For us, the common people from the common world, these kinds of rings are not easy approachable. There are different ways of dealing with this, like looking for a cheaper wedding ring, but with an interesting model. Who needs those million dollars diamonds anyway?

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