Celtic Wedding Gowns

For the preparation of your Irish biggest event in your life, the wedding day, the choice of an adequate wedding dress seems to be the one to perfectly fit in the Irish traditions that put their print inside the celebration of this special day. If by birth you belong to the Irish culture, then a Celtic wedding gown can complete the image of an old charm and passion  that the medieval times have brought to the Irish land.

The bridal designers have always been fascinated by the print of personality that a medieval gown puts on the wearer therefore Celtic wedding gowns range from renaissance style to gothic and medieval style.

Some of these gowns can be as well custom made, to bring them the additional touch of a brides’ personality and style. Other fashion designers in the bridal industry fashion simply choose to offer the traditional note of a Celtic wedding gown for the brides-to-be who are sensitively attached to these historic times and as such to their fascinating stories that gave birth to the famous love legend of Tristan and Isolde.

This feature of sensitiveness is what makes many brides-to-be all over the world to choose Celtic wedding gowns as their uniquely designed marriage attires. Because the style has become increasingly popular it is not that hard nowadays to find good quality Celtic wedding gowns that are displayed inside various bridal stores opened in your local market, but also online in bridal collections of medieval wedding gowns.

The design of the most favored Celtic wedding gown consists of flowing fabric that can be noticed mainly at the sleeves design, the long bell shaped sleeve being already a characteristic of the Celtic wedding gown. Moreover, as any other style of gowns for occasions this dress is seen designed either in a formal style (an overdress that is worn on top of a bodice) or informal style (the one-piece delicate model).

Apart from the design there is another characteristic to show Celtic wedding gowns as having something in common regardless of their period in the history of gowns: the fabric. The most used fabrics are lace, silk, cotton and velvet.

In case you look for a more modern look of your Celtic wedding gown then the choice of a design to incorporate ornamental details displayed on a gown influenced by the fantasy of medieval times is also present inside the bridal collections of famous Irish (an not only) bridal fashion designers. It is up to you to decide what sort of Celtic wedding gown you commit to with your bridal appearance for the biggest day of your life.

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