Cheap Wedding Flowers

Having cheap and beautiful wedding flowers is a difficult task. They have to match the bouquet, the wedding colors and the rest of the decorations.

The more arrangements, the more flowers, and ultimately higher costs. However, in many ways, you have plenty of options to choose from without spending a fortune.

Wedding flowers are not the only thing which can inflate your budget. Decorating agencies, or flower shops may sometimes double or triple the price of flowers. In order to save up you can buy the flowers wholesale from florists or flower markets, eliminating intermediaries.

You can have wonderful flower arrangements if you do it yourself; all you need is a little skill or help from your friends or family. You won’t be the first bride to have do it yourself wedding arrangements. Another thing you can do is to ask an agency to make your arrangements with the flowers you provide them.

As an alternative for elaborate centerpieces you can use flowers in a vase. It’s simple, elegant, you can make it yourself and they will last for two or three days without any problem. Another cheap and sustainable option is to choose flower pots. Parma violets, Caladiums, azaleas or gerbera daisies are examples that can decorate a table even if they are in pots. Decorate the pots in the wedding colors. The best part is that you get to keep the flowers for your home or use them as gifts.

Hibiscus blooms can be put around on a table with no water. They will last for one day. Use them with any other arrangements. Rose petals can be spread on the table also. Get roses that have seen better days and are on sale. Use just the petals.

If you have a gardenia bush that is in bloom when you’re have your wedding, they would be outstanding floating in a pedestal bowl. Tie a satin ribbon around the pedestal. Use a color that coordinates with your wedding. Camellias are gorgeous used this way and make great wedding centerpieces.

An extremely cheap wedding centerpiece could be made with branches (with leaves) from your yard. Spay paint them with silver or gold or any color you like and arrange them in any container that suits you.

If you have a bougainvillea bush or know someone who does, they are gorgeous for making wedding centerpieces. They come in many colors and are very showy. Make them in into an upright bouquet or a long arrangement. For that use some sort of shallow dish or plate. Tape an oasis to the dish that has been soaked for a good long time in water. Stick long branches into each end and fill in with shorter ones to hide the oasis.

Flowers are expensive, we know too well. With the money given for a string of flowers you can buy lots of friuts and use them while decorating. You can add next to your floral aranajamentele baskets of fruit (oranges, grapes, apples) that give color and volume. This way you will  need fewer flowers.

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