Choosing the Bridesmaid

The bride has a special chief attendant who holds the title and position of Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid. So, the bride makes an important decision in choosing her, with the right focus on who can shoulder the responsibility of being with the bride throughout the day and make it up for her best day in life.

Do not get the wrong notion that the bridesmaid accompanies the bride only on her wedding day. She is through all thick and thin, months before the wedding and through the whole social affair. She is usually asked to assist the bride in preparing the logistics of wedding as an event and also addressing invitations and the most importantly helping the bride while she is going round for shopping. On the principal day, the bridesmaid is expected to provide both mental and emotional support to the bride, so as to boost her tensed mind.

She should possess the skill to complement your strength and weakness, providing strength and counterbalancing the weaknesses. When your sister acts as the maid of honor, make sure that she is detail-oriented, level-headed and calm and composed.She shoulders the main responsibility of selecting the wedding venue and ceremony. She should convey good speech about her opinions about the wedding favors and decorations.When the bride arrives, she makes sure that you have everything ready at hand.

The bridesmaid also assists in the prime responsibility of choosing the entire wedding attire and registering for wedding gifts.
If the bride has any message to convey to the other relatives and friends, then the bridesmaid on behalf of the bride intimates her words to the others.Sometimes, when the bride and groom are getting married, it’s the bridesmaid who holds the ring and bouquet.

No particular rule is planned in selecting the chief attendant. It is completely a personal decision that steers the decision on the right path. The bride enjoys the full freedom to adopt her closest friend of her sister as the bridesmaid. Hence, the rule leaves no scope for conflict amongst your friends or families. But at the end of it all, the bridesmaid is definitely the closest acquaintance of the bride and she provides full support in every possible way to arise the confidence in the bride’s mind.

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