Choosing the Wording for Your Wedding Invitations

Many wedding couples face a lot of issues when confronted with wedding invitations wording as they do not know for sure which tone they must adopt in this sort of written correspondence. There are other wedding couples who prefer handing over this task to their families, and in this way they can be spared of the issue of wording. In this way, their parents will be the ones to invite the guests and this burden will be taken off their shoulders.

But in order for the invitations to have the personal note and reach to the soul of your guests it is recommended to be printed in your own style as a wedding couple who feels happy and honored to invite the guests to witness their best and most important event of their life: the wedding celebration. Apart from this, the wedding invitations wording should be quite a great experience as you, as a wedding couple, will have to insert what you really feel and wish to take place in that special day with the guests attending your commitment for life.

But before even reach to order for the wedding invitations and before considering the wedding invitations wording, you must know if t here is a theme attached to the wedding event, as according to the theme, the design and the wording of the wedding invitation will come to you easier. For instance, a traditional wedding festivity will require for a more formal wording of your wedding invitations, whereas a casual theme that is planned to take place outdoor either on the beach or in the back yard of your house, would go better for a less formal tine and wording of your wedding cards.

Once you have decided upon this aspect of the wedding if it will be a formal or a casual wedding you can proceed into ordering the wedding invitations and then have them worded. There are however some rules that you should go by, such as for instance, never use abbreviations exception being made for Mr, Mrs., and Ms., as well as RSVP.

Another rule would go for the spelling of numbers and years. For the time it has to go the same with the spelling where the term “o’clock” is always mentioned next to the hour. The only exception here is the number of the street that should be written as a number in digits rather than in letters.

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