Choosing your flowers means knowing your business

Nowadays weddings are an example of elegance and good taste and nothing offers more taste than a well chosen floral arrangement. But even this decision can be quite delicate, and you really need to take into consideration the specific details for a successful election according to your wishes.

Next I will offer some useful information on how to choose wisely the flowers and floral arrangements that will make your wedding even more beautiful.

If you don’t have a favorite florist or a favorite agency yet, you can rely on recommendations. Generally, choose from the recommendations of friends who have already made a wedding or a baptism, not information based on a “cute bunch that I got for my girlfriend.”

Schedule interviews with florists and agencies and ask them about the price and compare prices from at least 3 to 4 such professionals.

After choosing the agency that will handle the flowers, don’t be afraid to specify the exact budget you want to spend, which will indicate the type of arrangement closest to your desire. If the budget is not indicated they will offer you higher prices for the same kind of arrangements, so you should always be a step ahead of them. Also pay attention to the contact person and make sure you are both on the same wavelength or that she is open to your creative suggestions.

Whether you want elaborate and expensive arrangements or classic ones, do not sign the contract until the company presents you a sample of the work, in order to avoid future confusions or mistakes.

The basic things you should include in the contract are the delivery date, time and location of the wedding, but also name of the person dealing and arranging delivery.

Enter a return clause, if the delivery was not made on time or on favorable terms, or if arrangements have not been made with the flowers you want, and also enter the desired details you wish fulfilled: all types of flowers, lease holder, the number of arrangements, colors etc. Finally enter the exact price you agreed and you’re just about done with the contract.

Now it’s time to think of the nature of the restaurant, because, if the chosen restaurant is very elegant, then you should definitely go for classic and majestic flowers.

Shades of white have always been the popular ones, and this year makes no exception. Here you can choose roses, gardenias, tulips, lilies and even calla-lilies

If you have chosen a rustic restaurant it’s a little out of place to choose a very elegant floral arrangement. Go for flower just as rustic but still beautiful: sunflower, chrysanthemum, daisies, daffodils, African daisies, pansies, peonies, and daffodils.

Restaurants with a modern design go well with equally modern flowers like: Hydrangeas, Lotus pod, Santini, Amarilis, Orchid, Ranunculus, Tuberose, Leucadendron.

No matter your choice on restaurants or the theme present flowers are a must.

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