Combining Souvenirs with Snacks as Your Unique Fall Edible Wedding Favors

If you plan to combine souvenirs with snacks for your fall wedding favors, a good idea would be to present your guests with unique fall edible wedding favors. One suggestion is to buy chocolate candies on bulk and have them wrapped in various forms that are available on the market.

Unique Fall Edible Wedding FavorsSource
Unique Fall Edible Wedding Favors

You can find small cute boxes that can be personalized and have the candies placed inside. There are also miniature baskets that can be used for presenting your chocolate candies as well as other designs of recipients, such as it is a carriage similar to Cinderella carriage. You can see one sample of the latter on

Unique Fall Edible Wedding Favors
Unique Fall Edible Wedding Favors

Another idea for unique fall edible wedding favors is to present your guests apples covered in caramel with various toppings that go with the colors of the fall season. You can as well order for personalized fall cookies at choosing the cookie in form of a maple leaf or the one in the form of acorn. Whichever you choose they can be successfully personalized making these treats be quite uniquely presented as a token of appreciation for attending the most important day of your life.

Unique Fall Edible Wedding Favors Source
Unique Fall Edible Wedding Favors

Miniature muffins can be baked as unique fall edible wedding favors if you find ways to make them look special. One of these ways can be the presentation as long as you find golden paper to wrap them elegantly and tie them with burgundy colored ribbon in a rich bow.

Ideas of edible favors can be plenty but to turn them into unique favors it all depends on the presentation which should be done in your personal style that stands out from the rest of the other marrying couples.

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