Country Wedding Song List

Planning of a wedding generally takes a lot of time and plenty of decisions to make, but when it comes to the wedding music then things can loosen up a little and think of introducing a country wedding song  list in the musical repertoire of your wedding.

Country songs are most of the times soft melodic songs and among them there are plenty to narrate about the relationships, the beauty of love felt in strict relation with the open spaces of nature. Making your country wedding song list for the music element of your wedding composition doesn’t require for you to have a countryside themed wedding.

Country music goes indeed better in an atmosphere of a country side wedding venue, such as a barn specially adorned to host a wedding, a western country club that can house the wedding reception and many other wedding celebrations chosen to have as a reception venue the open space of nature.

But apart from this, there is the choice of having a country wedding song list for the both parts of the wedding event: ceremony and reception when the wedding is not conducted in accordance with the traditional pattern of a formal wedding: church (with its strict religious rules for a marriage act) and fancy restaurant with its own band of musicians that performs adaptation of the classics or the big hits of the past times.

Choosing country music to combine it with other hits inside the reception of your wedding celebration is a way to capture various moments that make the composition of a wedding party.

If you come to think of these you can make a country wedding song list with the following songs to define the most important events of the wedding reception unfolding:

– for the big entrance when the newly weds are about to enter the reception hall “For ever and for always” performed by Shania Twain can be a good choice.

– for the first dance when bride is dancing with the groom there can be the choice of “Lost in this moment” by Big & Rich.

These have been merely a couple of suggestion for the country wedding song list of your wedding celebration, but you can go as well with choices of such music for the ceremony as well, when it is a casual one celebrated outdoors in the backyard of your parents’ house. 

Or the ceremony venue could be as well chosen in a public park that has a gazebo specially mounted to host celebrations of these important days in the life of a couple.

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