The cozy wedding style

A wedding no matter what style and theme has is always considered to be an event where a certain dress code exists, where the attitude to adopt is not the too relaxing one. With attention at what you do and how you say something a wedding remains in that area of events with an imposed style.

cozy wedding ideas

Wanting to make it all of a familiar decor, for your guests and for the couple to be all something relaxing and about friendship, the joy of spending time with friends and people you care the cozy wedding ideas may sound ideal.
Inspire the cozy style
The menu you serve should come in a close correlation with the wedding time. For example during summer serve a lot of cocktails than alcohol, serve lemonade and everything that can refresh the guests. For the winter time the cozy wedding ideas hint at hot chocolate, homemade cookies served with tea or coffee.
The location you will choose will have a great influence in the whole decor and style of the event, so that a garden wedding can be a much more cozy style than an event hall. Also a rustic wedding in a barn is on the same page.
Bridesmaids wearing flats, the bride a tea length or even short dress are details that all together create that idea of a cozy wedding.
Field flowers to decorate around, simplicity in centerpieces and the way the tables are made.
It’s not about having fewer pretenses from your wedding but about letting aside those parts that annoy you, the too stiff attitude imposed by a formal event of such kind.
Cozy wedding details
You get to the point to realize it is all about creativity. But when you want to be inspired cozy wedding ideas you’ll find on From ring pillow to favors these are great ideas to include at your wedding. And since details make a huge difference you can even think to add a bottle holder, the cozy bottle as they are called. You find them on at $2,85 a piece or less when you buy more.

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