Curled Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

For a romantic look, long loose waves with a just-off-center part are just the thing for you. They are sweet and simple and you can do them yourself with a little practice with hot rollers, or you can take the idea to your stylist or on-site hair stylist and let them worry about the details.  A hot-set will lock in luscious curls and hold very well in most weather conditions.  If you want to wear a veil, ask your stylist to show you how to put in and take out the veil. It seems like a simple process but can be frustrating if you aren’t sure which way the comb goes or how to keep it in place.

For women wanting to let their hair down a little for the wedding, this hairstyle creates a beautiful look by pinning the hair in a unique side ponytail. The look brings more attention to the side and is very flattering with strapless wedding dresses.

For women with shorter hair, the best way to achieve this is with extensions or clip-ons that would be attached to the back. For women with thin hair, the bunching of the locks will create a fuller appearance.

The next step is to add the curls. First start by adding some curl enhancing hair product to towel dried hair. Blow dry and then spritz a heat protecting spray throughout the hair.
Use a large barrel curling iron and create curls through slightly more than half of the length of the strands. Tease the hair at the crown and add a little lift to it. Create a wide part in the front and brush the hair back.

Finally, collect the curled tresses to ones side and pin just to the left of the nape of the neck. What is unique is that some of the strands are wrapped and looped around the pinned locks. This is not necessary but does create that extra touch. Finish with some hold spray.(photo1)

If you like the look of your hair down but don’t necessarily want it in your face, pin one side back and add a fun flower.  You can achieve this style on your own if you curl your hair, then use bobby pins to loosely secure one side behind your ear.  It won’t matter if the bobby pins show because you will be covering that area up with a flower or other accessory, so don’t stress about that part.  Just make sure to use all the hairspray before you put a fresh flower or sparkly accessory in your hair.  Flowers wilt with all the hairspray on top and the sparkle will be dimmed if you spray too much on your clip.  For loose curls like this, curl with a 1” curling iron and finger through curls to separate.  Make sure to curl all face-framing hair away from your face to keep the look open and fresh.(photo2)

For messy curls you don’t have to stress about, use magnetic or hot rollers or a curling iron, and then pull the curls out with your fingers after the hair has set.  This is a great look for a destination or beach wedding.  Long loose curls are the best blowing in the wind!  Don’t expect this style to last the longest – you won’t want to use a lot of hairspray to set it, so the curls may start to collapse and go limp after not very long.  Keep a mini iron on hand if you’re worried about it.  The curls should be fairly easy to touch up in an emergency.(photo 3)

If you want a princess look and you’ve got your eye on a veil, try leaving your hair all down but full of large curls or waves and lots of volume and body.  It’s a classic look that you can’t go wrong with.  If you want to do it yourself, make sure you have all the right tools and products.  You’ll need a large barrel curling iron (get a good one so you don’t burn your hair or end up with limp curls).  Invest in salon quality products: volumizing mousse, thermal protecting spray, styling hairspray, shine spray and finishing hairspray.  Before blow drying your hair, use the volumizing mousse and thermal protecting spray to lock in your moisture and give your hair all that body.  After hair is dry, section it and spray with styling spray.

Curl in large sections vertically around your curling iron. After hair has cooled, use your fingers to break up curls. Set with finishing spray and mist with a little shine spray.(photo4)  

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