Design Your Own Wedding Gown

Designing clothes has been your hobby since you’ve been a little girl, you have always amazed your family and friends with the beautiful things you used to design and sew for your dolls of all sizes and types, but to design your own wedding gown has never crossed your mind.

This passion of yours is still alive now that you are planning the day of your wedding, surrounded by your family and best friends that are here ready to give a helping hand. But what is there to do with the wedding gown? It seems that the day that you have planned to go downtown and have some of these items tried on, nothing fitted you, no design and fabric of a dress were there available to match your body size.

This was not because you were either plus size or too small, but simply you couldn’t find one within the range of prices that you were willing to pay, that is! There were plenty of other dresses at higher costs that looked great on you and with the design that you loved, but yet too expensive for you to purchase.

Your family seeing already the disappointment in your eyes encouraged you to do the thing that you haven’t even considered before: to design your own wedding gown. Reaching home this was the first thing that you planned on doing: open the computer get connected to the internet and begin the big chase for the design that you thought of being tailored for your taste and style as well.

Plenty of wedding dresses were lined up in innumerable collections, one more intriguing than other, with the variety of styles that belong to these special dresses and variety of colors to accompany the choices of casual and modern brides.

But which of all these styles that are perfectly created to complement the appearance of a woman in the biggest day of her life can be the one that matches you the best? Because you are in love with each one of these styles: the mermaid style, the A-line style, the ball gown style, the sheath style and many other designs that result of a combination of two styles!

When you have shopped around and tried on those wedding gowns your mind got caught up by the mermaid style of a wedding dress that looked perfect on you, but yet too expensive to buy it. But you have no clue what was the fabric of that beautiful wedding dress that you have tried on. You are not that familiar with the sorts of fabric but you  know that most of these one that are specially made to be used in the creation of a wedding dress are rather difficult when being sewn.

As such you reach the conclusion that you find the pattern of that mermaid style of a wedding dress and after that you’ll proceed to design your own wedding gown that will be sewn by a professional couturiere; it is better this way as long as you don’t want to make any mistakes for the dress that is meant to perfectly complement your feminine side in the day of your wedding.

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