Disposable Wedding Cameras

Even if you have the best wedding photographer in the world, disposable wedding cameras nearly fall into the must have category. Yes, if you have done your homework your wedding photographer will be a highly trained professional with the experience to know how to get most of the normal pictures that a new couple wants to remember their marriage ceremony. But most does not mean all and unless you have hired an entire army of photographers there is absolutely no way they can be everywhere to catch those truly spontaneous moments that make any celebration memorable.

True, you could hire that army of photographers and hopefully end up with that many more top quality pictures but who can afford that? Okay, maybe Paris Hilton could, but most of us cannot. Besides, who would want that many professional photographers – read, strangers – in your face on one of the biggest days of your life? That is where disposable wedding cameras are a bride & groom’s best friend.

Typically, at least one disposable wedding camera is placed at every table during the wedding reception. The point of this practice is to give the guests have the opportunity to take photographs from their vantage point. This way your own friends and loved ones are empowered to capture your most important wedding moments from different angles and perspectives giving you a permanent record that you would not have otherwise.

On their wedding day, the bride and groom are often pulled in every direction at once. There are so many people to see, so many to greet, and so many things to do that they often report afterwards that the whole event, while being wonderful, was something of a blur to them. But the photographs from disposable wedding cameras can do much to help a young couple revisit and revel in that day.

Because disposable wedding cameras give your guests an opportunity to take pictures of each other – meaning that the more cameras you make available, the smaller the likelihood that you leave your wedding day without a picture of everybody that celebrated with you.

Perhaps more importantly, disposable wedding cameras enable your guests to capture those candid moments that your photographer would miss entirely. Think of the possibility of not getting a picture of the first time grandma coaxed grandpa out onto the dance floor in the past forty years! Think of your flower girl who tried to dress the microphone up in doll clothing. And of course, there are always those embarrassing moments… There are so many potentially priceless moments in a wedding reception.

The photographs that you get from your disposable wedding cameras might not turn out quite as polished as those that you get from your professional photographer, but as a result of their very personal and often candid nature they are often cherished just as deeply. And, even better yet, duplicate pictures from your disposable cameras make a great enclosure in your wedding thank you notes, adding a personal touch and providing your loved ones with something personal and tangible they can hang on to and remind themselves of your wedding day.

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