DJ and the Wedding Planner

Hiring a professional to take care of the items involved in the organizing of the most important day of your life you consider that all the details will be carefully planned therefore the choice of the DJ is mostly up to the wedding planner decision. The DJ and the wedding planner as well as other vendors (florist, fashion stylist, baker, cake decorator) that take part in the organizing of a wedding celebration are all working together to obtain the best celebration prepared for your wedding day.

When you decide to hire a wedding planner you will take a lot of factors into account and see if he/she works with a team of professionals to ensure you of a wedding that is tailored to your style and personality. When it comes to the music aspect you should ensure that the DJ and the wedding planner meet together with you and have their list of wedding songs choices presented to you.

This is the moment when you can step in and show them your options for the most important events that are meant to take part inside the unfolding of the wedding festivity.

Ceremony and reception are the parts that compose a wedding celebration and they both need the presence of music, therefore you should decide which wedding songs could be presented to your DJ and the wedding planner.

What has the wedding planner to do with this choice one might ask? The wedding planner is needed because he/she might come with constructive ideas in staging the events that are part of the wedding displaying. Do not forget that weddings can be unfolded as beautiful and unique shows where wedding couples are the main characters.

Weddings are in their composition shows of light, of glamour and joy with the wedding couple most of the times moving according to their options of wedding songs. In here the DJ and wedding planner could interfere with their experience where the wedding planner is the director and the DJ the soundtrack man.

With so many weddings attending to, the professionals (DJ and planner) can come with excellent ideas to have for instance the bride’s entrance staged in a spectacular way or the big entrance of the newly weds staged as well with various dancing moves on their choice of music.

After all this is the purpose of all these wedding rehearsals, for the DJ and wedding planner together with the main characters of the show to make their final preparations before the premiere of the wedding event takes place.

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