Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

You’ve decided to make your own wedding invitations, but you don’t know where to start? Here’s what you need to know before getting started…

How will you send the wedding invitations? Will you give them in person to your guests or will you mail them? Chose a model that will fit in a regular envelope, it’s easier this way, because if you start with the invitation you may come to see that the envelope you need is not yet invented.

It’s good that you have a clear idea about your wedding invitation; but lots of fabrics and practice until you find the right type of model.

When you make your own invitations you should have in mind the thickness of the paper or the basis weight. Paper basis weight is especially important when trying to print them at the printer. A sheet of thick 160g(0.352 pounds) is enough for wedding invitations. A cardboard too thick will be difficult to print, plus it’s expensive. Make sure your printer gets along well with the paper chosen for invitations.

After you’ve decided on the model of your wedding invitations, accurately measure dimensions. If your invitation is smaller than a regular sheet (A4), try fitting as many invitations on an A4 paper. This is because it will be easier to print. If for example 3 guests fit on one A4 sheet, you print 34 pages instead of 100 smaller pieces of paper. You can cut invitations after they were printed.

How will you cut your wedding invitations? No need to buy a guillotine cutter, you can go to a copy center where it costs nothing to use guillotines. You just have to ask permission. If you prefer your invitations from the comfort of your home, you’ll need a cutter and a measuring line.
Have you decided on wavy-edged invitations or design? It’s difficult to make them only with scissors; the more guests, the more work. If you don’t have a special guillotine in the house with a model (like the one used to cut pictures), it’s better to get straight edges.
When you go shopping, look first at the large paper sheets. An A3 sheet costs less than two A4 sheets, one A1 sheet is less expensive than eight A4 etc.. Overall you’ll pay less.

Find the most affordable price materials. Make a list of suppliers and prices. It will help you decide where is best to buy.

Be careful to buy the materials needed only after you’ve made the prototype invitation. So you know exactly what you need and in what quantities. If you change your mind afterwards, you’ll spend more, and combined with hard work, it won’t be worthwhile to make your own wedding invitations. That is why you need to think long and hard and buy once.

Follow the above tips and you will be able to make your wedding invitations with minimal expense!

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