Dressy Tops for Wedding

Even if a woman’s wardrobe is loaded with casual dressing items, such as polos, T-shirts, and other sorts of shirts, there is also the need of having dressy blouses for special occasions, such as it is the dressy top for wedding events.

How can anyone define the dressy tops for weddings? The difference lies in the fact that these ones are detailed in such a way that they can not be worn for instance together with a pair of jeans. The dressy blouses do not have to be eye catching, as they can be designed as simple patterns only that they present a certain detail in the shape of an embellishment or cut, or material – which in fact is very relevant in the overall aspect of a dressy top for weddings.

Taking the last feature we can think of the following example: look at a button down blouse made of cotton – it goes very well with a pair of jeans and worn also for the pants suit with great success. But what happens if we replace the fabric say with satin and the buttons to resemble to small delicate pearls? Then this piece of garment instantly changes into a dressy top for wedding events, so you see how important the fabric is in the overall aspect of dressy tops for weddings.

But as anything in the field of women fashion there are hundreds of such dressy blouses to be worn on various occasion but before rushing into buying one for the wedding that you need to attend to, just consider the following aspects:

– the type of your body – just go for the one to flatter your bust curves or the feminine lines of your bust

– the personal style to include your preferences – make sure that this won’t be the dressy top for wedding celebration only, but also for other special occasion as you love its cut and design and details, and so on.

Apart from this guideline for your selection you should as well keep in mind the neckline cut – a deep one (the one that makes you look so sexy) is most of the times preferred although you wouldn’t want to compete with the bride’s bodice neckline. Therefore go for a moderate scoop of the neckline that will accent the femininity in a discreet, elegant way.

Of course that the season when the wedding takes place will determine the aspect of your dressy top for wedding event you have to attend to. On a summer evening for instance, a sleeveless sequin-embellished dressy top might work very well and it can work very nice too for a fall wedding celebration as long as you have an elegant shawl or jacket to cover your naked arms.

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