Earthy nature inspired- brown wedding ideas

Brown chocolate wedding decors take our mind either to a rustic, country//western theme either to fall time. These are the classic options for such themes but after all being creative and in various nuances brown can be selected you may adapt this to any wedding type. And we come with some inspiration for you, brown wedding ideas being our interest today.

Brown Wedding Ideas
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To keep brown as main interest and appealing view the second color can be the off white, part of the same palette color, champagne, fade off yellow. After all you’ll meet the problem of not having brown flowers at the wedding so you need another nuance to base on for this part at least. For your decor you may like:

Brown Wedding Ideas
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  • Tree background image for the wedding cards, from wedding invitations to wedding programs, menus, wishes or sitting at the table ones. Or the wood plates number can be another idea.
  • With the same tree idea for fall time especially the table decorations, centerpieces can be about empty braches, brown view. Also this can be the design of the cake.
  • Pine cones can replace partially or be among flowers in any arrangements decorations.
  • Bird’s nest looking like decorations will be both intriguing and unexpected.
Brown Wedding Ideas
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  • For a country style simple or informal weeding the tables can be without a covering, just brown wood tables. In the contrary case opt for contrasting brown and white coverings, contest with the chairs too, above tables hanging lights or even candelabrum of a brown touch.
  • Chocolate seems to be the ideal choice for wedding favors.
  • Brown wood plates for the chairs where the bride and groom stand and also at the entrance.


Sweet as chocolate a brown weeding decor will surely make a good impression.

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