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Thinking at what comes next after the wedding party, the honeymoon of course there’s nothing but a pleasure to buy yourself things that make you pleasure and remind about your new statue, the just married couple.

At the same time it can be a perfect gift for guests and so you get 2 in 1 item. It’s about the just married sandals.

Just Married Sandals For Her in White
Photo Source: thegiftexperience.co.uk

The beauty of these consists not exactly in the type of shoes but the personalized back side imprint, the just married written on sole.

On one is “just”, on the other is married and as you walk on the beach behind you everyone will turn heads for sure.

You can buy them for the bride, for bridesmaids too or for ladies as guests when it is about a beach exotic wedding theme.

Just Married Sandals For Her in White
Photo Source: davidsbridal.com

Not exclusively for her only such sandals can be worn by men too, in the classic flip flops variant but sandals too.

That in case you thought to buy these for ladies as wedding favors and wondered what to buy to men. It can be the same idea, for men coming in black variant but the same sole.

Just Married Sandals For Her in White
Photo Source: amazon.com

Designed to flatter the bride even after the wedding day such shoes we found at Davids Bridal, flip flops for her in white and 3 sizes, small, medium and large for $10.

Probably not that interesting for some you can adapt it all to your preferences and needs. How about a petite lady that never wears flats? Custom make these on wedges.

Also this can be an inspiring idea for various others items you can buy as favors why not too. The trinkets for keys with just married sandals are cute.

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