Everything organized and with good taste decorated- the place card holders come with an esthetic and thematic request

For some it is with no importance, for others it counts for the perfection of the wedding plan. The wedding place card holders replace the work of a lady at the entrance to mention to each guest where to sit. More elegant that way these items become part of the table decor so aren’t a random choice just because you need them.

wedding place card holders
Photo Source: weddingfavorsunlimited.com

What would you choose? The variety of options, diversity in styles makes it all a challenging task. Coming in your help, counting your need and bringing some tips take into consideration:

wedding place card holders
Photo Source: mydreamwedding.ca
  • You can think practical and make out of the wedding place card holders the wedding favor so kind of a 2 in 1 item. You give a wedding favor to each guest so it’s nothing strange in choosing to reduce the number of items on a table.
  • To avoid having a crowded table you can opt for the card holder to be placed on plates and along with the white look to create a contrast so something obvious from the very beginning.
wedding place card holders
Photo Source: placecardholdersuk.co.uk
  • The classic style ones make you skip the part of styles mixture so a neutral item such as a pawn.
  • Inspired by your wedding theme the wedding card holder for each guest to know the place where to sit can be a wedding symbol from a bell to doves, something sweet a butterfly or a flower shaped item, something funny a bride and groom in miniature decoration etc.

The price rang starts with $0.65 and goes high even until $2 per item. It’s a pluralism of factors that decide the price. And if you consider these useless or simply don’t like the idea then opt for the tables counter and find someone to act as hostess and each guest to be accompanied at the proper place.

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