Exchanging Wedding Ring Ceremony

After the wedding couples are saying their vows there is the traditionally performed wedding ring ceremony where the bride and groom exchange the wedding rings. When this ceremony takes place (it is said to be like a ceremony because it is loaded with emotions and thrills that only a lifetime commitment can bring in the unfolding of the wedding event) the wedding couples are saying to each other words that seem to be printed deep in each of them getting married in that specific day.

How does this weeding ring ceremony evolve? After the vows are exchanged, the groomsman who is in charge to hand over the rings will give them to the priest who further puts them on the open bible and from there bride and groom, each on his/her turn, will place the wedding ring on the other’s ring finger while words of love, dedication and faithfulness are whispered.

Some of the following wording is chosen to mark the wedding ring ceremony according of course to tradition and religion:

* Secular vows for the wedding ring ceremony: “With this ring being the symbol of love and faithfulness to you I take you to be my beloved husband/wife till death do us part”.

“This ring is the symbol of the love I carry deep inside for you. I now marry you with this ring offering myself to you along with it.” The response would be: “I will wear this ring forever as the sign through which you committed to me, allowing me to commit to you as well”.

“Because this wedding ring is round meaning the perfection and the circle of  life I marry you with it for when you wear it every day to remind you of my everlasting love that has guided my steps towards the glorious day of our marriage”.

A simple wedding ring ceremony is also preferred as many wedding couples nowadays do not venture into celebrating with very big fuss the day when they are supposed to commit to each other bound for life. As such, simple wedding ring ceremony vows are found and delivered to them, such as “With this ring I commit myself to you staying faithful and filled with love till the end of my days.”

Looking online for some sort of inspiration into planning the wedding ring ceremony you can find many examples of the sort, but I know more than sure that these vows are meant to express every wedding couple feelings, hopes and unique thoughts. Therefore you can go for what you have inside and let them express themselves on the outside, thus being as original as you can with your own saying that you will utter inside the wedding ring ceremony .

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