Fall time, fall wedding inspiration

Autumn is a season nostalgics love most. It’s a nature’s spectacle with all those colors and a picture that inspires you. For your wedding it is clearly that brings into spotlights the romantic idea of this event. Fall weddings 2014 are a game of colors, a combination of styles and trends that will complement with the flattering idea to get married in this period.

Fall weddings 2014
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Fall wedding decor styles

Following the trends for fall weddings 2014 you’ll see that the wedding decor can be differently defined. Either romantic, vintage or simple classic you can include also:

Caramel popcorn for wedding favors packed in jars with rope sash bow. A great idea to include the cozy style favors, something less pretencious but adorable.

Card box that looks exactly like a tree trunk. Also personalized this is totally outside the box and reminds about the nature theme.

Wedding menu, program, wedding cards of all kinds even the invitation or the sitting at the tables cards can be the leaf shape and color.

The aisle decor can be about different flower arrangement than the classic style. Wheat ear upside down in a combination with filed flowers. Totally fancy, with rustic style for a wedding alike, a barn, garden wedding, farm style, ranch etc.

Paper lanterns hanging on the ceiling for example, with fall theme inspired design also are a great touch and a splendor view mostly during the night time party reception.

Flower arrangements in a barrel. This can be at the entrance for example, something different, bold and even though simple of a wow effect as style combination.

Wedding ideas on the same page with wedding budget

One thing that stops you to opt for some fabulous ideas is the budget as not only the fall decor counts but the entire event to be with this theme as inspiration source. Brides will rather have a gorgeous fall attire instead of a complex wedding decor. But your fall weddings 2014 can adapt to each case and something cheaper can be for example the pumpkins with sculpted “I do” on them or the centerpiece a glass bowl, with candles inside, colored leaves around.

Also simplicity can turn into your salvation, a wooden plate where to place candles and a simple jar with lavender inside or field flowers simply arranged, wrapped with rope for example for a rustic touch.

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