Fall Wedding Flowers

When people think of Fall wedding flowers, it is often the colors as much as the actual flowers that are important. Rich reds, fiery oranges and beautiful yellows are the order of the day.

Although availability does vary by region,  sweet William, yarrow, amaryllis, chrysanthemum, fuchsia, and zinnia are generally the most affordable choices for brides who plan to marry in September, October, or November. Of course, roses, lilies, orchids, daisies, and other traditional wedding flowers are available year round.

The hottest trend in fall wedding flowers is lush, richly hued arrangements with lots of interesting texture. Yes, again about texture! Instead of using just two or three types of blooms in your centerpieces, try a wide mix of flowers coordinated with your color scheme. A good example is to start with a base of classic flowers and mix in feathery crocosmia and velvety coxcomb. Another thing you could is to add non-floral accents such as viburnum or hypericum berries, lotus pods, fiddlehead ferns, or wooly lamb’s ear leaves to make the arrangements more remarkable. For a distinctly fall touch, poppies with dark centers add visual depth and a dramatic element that announces that summer is over.

Although texture is essential, classic flowers still rule for fall weddings. You can adapt them to the time of year by choosing more deep and dramatic shades than you would in the summer. This is why you should go for classic autumn hues or choose more unexpected colors like aubergine, copper, and forest green. Lush, elegant dahlias may be the quintessential fall blossom since they come in all the autumnal tones (red, burgundy, orange, and plum). Of course, roses will always be popular and are available in any hue you need for your fall color scheme. Also hot for fall weddings: antique hydrangeas in greens and purples, and deep crimson calla lilies.

There are many ways to celebrate the beauty of the season with your wedding flowers and one of them is choosing your flowers according to the month of your wedding date.

The aster is the traditional flower for September. This small flower resembles a daisy and is often used as a filler material. Other great September flowers include roses, sunflowers, iris, lily and carnation.

For October, how about cosmos? These cute flowers come in all sorts of colors like white, red, orange, pink and purple. You can also try flowers like mums, roses, hydrangea, and gladiola for your October wedding

The Chrysanthemum is the traditional flower for November. These pretty flowers come in a wide range of colors like white, yellow and pink. Other great November flowers include gardenia, freesia, delphinium and as always, roses.

If you are a fan of flowers, you can use them to decorate even the cake! Your guests will be fascinated by the whole arrangement. Be careful to not use the meadow saffron though, it is poisonous!

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