Fall Wedding Theme

The first step in planning your wedding is deciding whether it is formal or casual, as this can affect the rest of the planning process. These themes should be present on all wedding related items such as wedding dresses, invitations, reception decorations and even the wedding cake. Each season has its own qualities but a fall wedding can provide some extra excitement not provided by the other seasons. This extra excitement is provided by the change in foliage and comfortable weather. An autumn wedding has many benefits over spring, summer and winter with the most important being the weather and scenic view of the foliage.

When somebody thinks of the fall, the first image that comes to mind is usually the changing color of the leaves. This is usually the most common theme when it comes to choosing colors for your wedding. During the fall months, leaves begin changing to red, yellow, orange and brown. When planning a fall wedding, many couples choose these colors because they compliment the landscape well and introduce a natural feel to the event. The color choice is most important because your bridesmaids need to pick out their dress and you may want to start deciding on decorations.
Color choice is the most important decision when it comes to planning a fall wedding. Because foliage color changes depending on the location, your first step may be to research the landscape of your area and choose a color based on that information. If the leaves around your wedding destination are red and yellow, a good color choice may be a faded yellow or orange.

There are many fall wedding stationery ideas which can help emphasize any fall wedding theme. When planning a fall wedding there are a multitude of well-known symbols available. If you are going to be designing your own invitations, the beauty of the fall season will of course work well. If you enjoy designing your own cards this may be a great method to consider, and, consulting a professional is still highly recommended. If you decide to have your stationery custom printed, autumn symbols such as leaves, pumpkins, and squash covey the sights of the season quite well. Gold trim is also a popular addition during this time of year. This trim can accent your cards making them enjoyable for your guests to see.

There are a few holidays to consider when planning a fall wedding and these holidays will create a memorable experience for everybody attending the wedding. If you decide on having an informal wedding around Halloween, you may treat it as a costume party. Your guests can dress up as they wish or you can provide them with a theme. If you decided to have a formal wedding, you may choose to include orange and black stationery to match the holiday colors.

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, but with enough time and care the event will sure to be as memorable as hoped. The main factors to consider when choosing a fall wedding are date, location and theme. When choosing a theme, remember to pin down the main colors and then integrate those colors into the cake, stationery, wedding favors, table displays and possibly even the bridesmaid’s gowns. These are all important and with proper planning and creativity, you can create a memorable experience for everybody. Halloween is a great holiday for an informal wedding because there are many options and Thanksgiving provides many nice decorations for your reception tables. When planning a fall wedding, consider these tips and your wedding should be everything you had dreamt it to be.

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