Fall Weddings Colors

There are lots of reasons why fall weddings are growing more and more popular these days, and one of them is the great variety of colors brought by this season. There are lots of color combos and choosing the most suitable color combination is the hardest part.

Picking your colors is a journey, just like finding the dress, or knocking all those planning items off your checklist. But hitting on the right colors can be the pleasure of a lifetime.

When choosing the your fall wedding colors, if you want to reflect the colors of nature during early to late fall you will find that shades of orange, sunflower and gold will be perfect.

Use orange or one of its many different shades, such as cool salmons and peaches to the warmth of brick or coral. You might try pairing salmon in the dresses with a dark shade of warm olive in the invitations and the tuxes. Try coral roses in the bridal bouquet and cake with a cool Caribbean blue in the dresses and reception decorations.

Terra cotta is another beautiful color from autumn’s palette. Combine it with yellow ( a very cheery color that brings happiness, makes people smile and brings about optimism and closeness) copper and ivory. Ivory is considered elegant yet soft spoken and mixes great with most colors. Use pastel or rich deep colors as an accent on your gown or with table settings.

Deep red, a color of the season, has a romantic tone as well. Combine it with lavender, burgundy and other colors between red and purple on the color wheel. Enhance the romance by using roses as a primary focus in your bouquets and centerpieces. Tie deep red ribbons on the back of ivory chairs.

Another hot wedding color combinations will include red and black. You will see a lot of dark red or ruby red paired with light and dark colors. A vibrant shade of red could be paired with light to medium shades of yellow, coral or orange. Red and black together is always a great choice.

Some of the best color combinations for a fall wedding come straight from the garden, such as demonstrated by the eggplant; a deep purple on the outside and a pale green on the inside. Purple is a strong color that has been associated with royalty. In modern times, it has taken a more glamorous look and works well when paired with grays, charcoals or black. The purple would look beautiful as the accent color in the flowers decorating the tiers of a pale green cake. Those colors could also be echoed in the bridesmaids dresses, table covers, invitations and flower bouquets.

Metallic accents continue to be huge, from classic silver and gold to more unexpected (and fitting for fall) pewter copper and bronze. Mercury glass vases will add glamorous pops of silver to cocktail tables and centerpieces. Gold and silver leaf accessories will liven up any table or place setting. Beyond vases, think napkin rings and framed photos telling the story of your relationship.

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