Father-Daughter Wedding Songs

The wedding reception includes many unforgettable moments out of which father dancing with the bride should take place according to the choice of father-daughter wedding song of both the bride and her father.

But it can happen also that father to have a special song chosen for his ‘little girl’ and for the bride to have a special song chosen for her ‘hero’.

Or it can happen that none of them to be aware of the other one’s choice and just to have the surprise prepared for the big moment – perhaps this sort of father-daughter dance moment is the most affectionate one which brings tears inside the guests eyes as well as the bride’s and her father’s.

It is nothing wrong with being emotional and also it is nothing wrong with guests dropping some tears here and there as wedding celebration through their events are meant to be emotional.

After all is a day when fathers let their little butterflies to fly away and mothers witness how their son leaves home hand in hand with the woman of his life.

As a bride if you think of making your father a surprise you can not go wrong with a choice of father-daughter wedding song that represent your song since you’ve been  kid  your daddy came upstairs to tug you in and sing you a lullaby when mammy was too busy with various household stuff.

In case you do not have this option you can start looking for father-daughter wedding songs that are available online and surely get to the song that describes how perfect the relation father daughter was for both of you: your father and you. You have the chance to listen to the specific songs and find the lyrics as well.

These songs could be great options to choose from as most of them have been declared also some popular choices among the range of brides.

Which one are those? Look for the top ten most favored father-daughter wedding songs and see if there is something to match your father’s taste and yours as well. Some of these 10 songs, comprise three titles that all of them could be considered already your favorite as well – “Daddy’s Little Girl”, “Daughters” and “Butterfly Kisses”

Apart from the title of the song there is the need to make sure that the song is not in an alert rhythm, more something of a moderate pace. You wouldn’t like to have a faster paced father-daughter wedding song that not only is not impressive and emotional but makes the father-daughter dance look like you would like to get rid of it.

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