Favors For A Themed Wedding

Every woman thinks of her wedding day as a wondrous and magical event. Some women think more magical than others think and are fully prepared to make those dreams come true on the most special day of her life. Women spare no expense on the favors for a themed wedding because some will make guests feel magical and special every time they are used. Themed wedding favors are a great way for the happy couple to thank guests for sharing the day.

The theme for a wedding might come from favorite fairy tale characters of the past. A woman has the right to be Cinderella for the day and live happily ever after too. The favors that guests find placed throughout the reception hall could relate magical happenings that occurred once upon a time. Favors such as pudgy pumpkin carriages with candles atop, or a boxed-in slipper that looks as if it is sitting in a window waiting to be found by a certain Prince Charming, would inspire magical thoughts and feelings by everyone who attended the wedding reception.

A fairy tale wedding theme might inspire guests to mix and mingle more with the special people in their daily lives. Guests could use heart shaped favors like cookie cutter throughout the year, and other favors like espresso coffee packets would be enjoyed right after the guest returns home.

Favored items from the wedding that can be used in the kitchen at any time of the year are a whisk, a butter knife, or a bell that is rung often to summon the family to dinner. All of these fairy tale wedding favors will be inscribed with the happy couples names and the date of the wedding, so guest will never forget the magical time they had on that day.

Nature lovers would select a garden themed wedding because floral beauty would be evident in every corner of the reception hall. A Bride could get very creative and place wildflower seeds in front of every plate in the seating arrangement to inspire guests to feel wild about the special someone in their life whose love for them has grown stronger with time. A garden theme would inspire beautiful things to happen to every guests and floral sachet favors would express those feelings perfectly on that special wedding day.

Every guest will be able to think back to special holidays at the seashore with the favors received at a Beach themed wedding. The long sandy beaches might be recaptured in sand-filled favors shaped like glass sailboats or beachcombing kits that bring back memories of shell collecting while walking hand in hand. Shell shaped spice dispensers might remind guests to keep relationships hot and spicy for many years to come, and a sea horse cookie would remind some guests of the days at the beach when their children were young.

The Eternal Love themed weddings will inspire couples that attend the reception to keep the flames of love burning for all time. Eternal love favors could be heart shaped candles that can be lit on dark and starry nights to make romantic feelings come alive. Eternal love inspirations could be derived from personalized mint tins that have candy hearts inside. Wedding guests can always use favors that inspire eternal love suggestions because love makes wonderful things happen to special people in love and they will want to see this subtle reminder around every day.

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