Features of 1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses

It seems that lately vintage styled clothes have made quite a rage among the collections of fashion designers, these artists who set the trends for the seasons to come. The same goes for the wedding dresses collections which contain more often than not 1940s vintage wedding dresses, 50s bridal gowns, and the 60s styled wedding dresses. Of course that the sequel of years can go on both backwards and forward, but it seems that most preferred bridal gowns that are designed in the vintage styles, revolve around the above mentioned years.

1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses

If you want to appear in a truly unique style with the arrival of your wedding day, then choosing the vintage look for your bridal image might be a great idea. It is true that all the decades described above have come up with their own features in fashion styles and when you need to choose the dress that satisfies you the most you must pay attention to these features and what exactly made one decade differ from the previous and from the next.

1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses

The beauty here is that you can always change your mind about a decade if you are not satisfied with the one you have come across. You have a wide range of fashion decades to choose from when it comes to finding the right vintage wedding dress for your vintage themed wedding.

1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses

One feature that distinguishes the 1940s vintage wedding dress from the rest is the simplicity of the style although this simplicity conferred the dress a specific charm to the brides of those years. Let’s not forget that these years have been profoundly marked by the WWII and the limitations that existed almost in every sector of life and economy status. This is why wedding dresses at that time were of more of a simple style with long puffy sleeves and a neat cut of the dress with a skirt of a full length some of them even presenting a small train just to add more elegance to the simplicity of the dress.

Another feature of the 1940s vintage wedding dress is brought in by the netted neckline with some designs while others presenting a high v-neck collar and emphasis on the waist line in the form of a v shape. The common feature of these dresses was the color: they came mostly in white or ivory colors.

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