Feeling elegant from inside out- bridal lingerie

There’s a huge difference between the regular lingerie, the one you prepare for the honeymoon and the set for the wedding day. It’s just the need to feel comfortable first but not only, to be an esthetic view at the exterior so the lines of your lingerie not to be at sigh under the dress and many others; brides feel the need to avoid being in perspiration and when it comes about the style to complement her look.

Silk chiffon wedding lingerie
Photo Source: fashioncherry.co

Even though no one sees your underwear this doesn’t mean you don’t have to give its right and deserve attention to this part. From fabric to color everything is important and today we stop at silk chiffon wedding lingerie category. Maybe when you go shopping you less count some aspects so choose whatever you like at first sight but think more about it.

Silk chiffon wedding lingerie
Photo Source: rubyanddiva.com

Silk chiffon is a natural fabric that is almost like not wearing lingerie as sensation, allows your skin to breath and it’s so soft, so comfortable. Its slippery and flowy texture will give you a plus in comfort to feel elegant and sexy. And of counting that is transparent too then you feel like being naughty aren’t you? Can we recommend a few styles?

Silk chiffon wedding lingerie
Photo Source: news.globalintimatewear.com
  • Silk chiffon wedding lingerie with panties with a big bow at the back, simple in front.
  • Silk chiffon wedding lingerie tiered design back side panties with ruffled look. And the same design can be the bra design too.
  • Base on decoupages, as for the panties as for the bra too, one seductive look of a silk lingerie we found at Shell Belle Couture.


Defining more the romantic brides silk chiffon wedding lingerie brings its provocateur part too and shows a high preoccupation for what’s under the dress, as in comfortable to wear lingerie as in stylish look.

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