Five proposal mistakes

We know and understand that for a man the proposal time is a stress; they would like to pass all as after a click and just hear the answer, of course the affirmative one. But for women is exactly the opposite; they want to relish each and every second, they would like to hear it over and over again that proposal. Probably because of the pressure and rush they have in mind for this to just pass already and get at ease they make major mistakes women get upset about.

The 5 Biggest Proposal Mistakes
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It is true that sometimes things doesn’t come as we plan and as in fairytales but it’s more about how well organized are you and how you would like to be in her posture. Today we present you the 5 biggest proposal mistakes you want to avoid. Bear in mind:

The 5 Biggest Proposal Mistakes
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  • No ring. You think it’s more romantic to surprise her even though not being prepared with the piece of jewelry, that in your simplicity she will like your style of proposing. Well, no, women want that ring on their finger when you pop the question.
  • Not the time. She is stressed from various reasons and you think this will distract her and bring happiness in her life. No, she will just not have the mood to relish this moment properly.
  • Not the place. It’s a surprise to hear the big question with audience, in a public place mostly when she is insecure of the relationship or it is truly something she has opt think more about, but conditioned about this will say yes. Keep it private, intimate and she will appreciate it much more.
  • Keep giving hints about the incoming event. She will finally wait for it so don’t give heads up.


And the last, not the worse, is to propose as you follow a script. She wants you to speak from your heart not to bore with a long story text copied from the internet.

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