Flatter yourself twice: having a remarkable wedding and amaze your guests

For sure that each and every couple wants to come with something new as after all weddings differentiate in details. We all go after the same steps, the ceremony at the church, the party after but the way it is planned, as style, as location we bring the innovation, ingeniously part that makes it all highly ranked in the end. First, surely thinking at you but not forgetting that you plan the party for the guests too today we bring you a few ideas in top 10 ways top wow your wedding guests.

10 ways to wow your wedding guests
Photo Source: wedding.com

It is a matter of taste, it is the wedding type and style that makes it all a suitable to apply theme concept or not but here are some amazing ideas for your wedding:

10 ways to wow your wedding guests
Photo Source: weddingbee.com
  1. A fun note. From photo booth to masks and some accessories people can use for a photo session this can be either a part of amusement, entertainment at the party or even the favors.
  2. Think outside the box and choose a location with a landscape that takes you far in the paradise. It can be a roof top terrace, a restaurant with big windows and seeing the sunset, the garden wedding, the pool party etc.
  3. A romantic scene is always appreciated so lights, candles should not miss as presence in the decor.
10 ways to wow your wedding guests
Photo Source: onewed.com
  1. For an imposing style choose feathers in tall vases as decoration, candelabra, sophisticated tall things of such kind.
  2. Not only the view is important in your mission to wow the guests but the way they party and what they eat too. So make it all a feast, rich tables, bring exotic fruits, fountains of chocolate, refined desserts.


Surely the couple will be part of the “wow” effect too!

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