Flattering shoes for special occasions

A special moment in your life requires the same characteristic for the way you look and for the way you feel; lastly, your mood should be that way too.

And it is understandable how a bride may feel about her wedding day. The steps that lead you down the aisle are of a great value also.

Literally and figuratively speaking. Bur for sure Paradox wedding shoes will be a first option that perfectly suit to your concepts and needs.

Paradox wedding shoes
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Fancy bridal shoes

Paradox wedding shoes are known to be high quality ones. The brand is a worldwide famous one but besides that these are shows you hard forget, unique designs that dazzle you.

Besides the difference of taste and the need each bride has on regards of the matching style between the dress and the shoes take a look at these options:

Jada, the trendy style shoes. With 3 and a half inches of the heel they are comfortable and at the same time elegant, or better said exquisite as they are all sparkling look.

Again a trend this year such a luxuriant design is completed by the pointed toe.

Cameron, the platform shoes. These are with a 5 inches heel and another quarter.

But guess what, they are so comfortable due to the platform part so not a burden to step wearing these.

Combining the classic with the modern glittery look these ivory shoes are completed by rows of beaded design at the whole heel and a line that contours the platform.

Alba is for spring and summer time brides, sandals of the same style with shiny design.

Closed at the back, with a string that ends at the ankle in a buckle the crystal beaded style includes the heel too, which is by the way of 10 cm.

Options don’t end here. We are used with brides wearing white shoes or something close to this pallet but nonconformist and modern ones want something else. You find here shoes of all colors and in designs that are far away of the classic bridal shoes version.

Affordable prices and wedding shoes

Brides usually want to spoil themselves and buy the complete wedding outfit with accent on trends and fancy look.

Yet you don’t have to spend a million dollars to have a comfortable pair of shoes and a resistant one. Paradox wedding shoes are of a great variety and for all budgets, starting with £59 and continuing with £99.

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