Following trends- colors ideas for your wedding

Everyone wants to be in trends. And brides go crazy about this idea; there is nothing more flattering but to have a wedding people will appreciate as the way you plan everything. Everything must be at superlative and for that your decisions count form the very beginning.

Choosing the colors may man to some a correlation with the season and time of the event. Forget about that and take into account the fabulous wedding colors 2014. Among them you will surely find the best option for you.


fabulous wedding colors 2014


Top trends

The top fabulous wedding colors 2014 starts indisputably with vibrant orchid. This is the favorite of the year, a splendor of color. It gores perfectly with non colors contrast, it can be a suitable color for any theme and any season wedding. Such a nuance inspires luxury and an opulent decor, a catchy look you hard forget.

Others options for you, the same fabulous and trendy, are about:


  1. Mint from the pastel pallet. This color is “mint” to be yours!
  2. Blush or pale pink which after a pause is again in this top, a joy for many brides.
  3. Coral, not far of the first option but a bolder version.
  4. Glittery gold, silver it works too for the luxuriant wedding.
  5. Pale yellow to easily combine with others nuances, a pure joy inspiration.
  6. Dusty blue, sand or greyish jade are gorgeous looks and upgraded alternatives for the classic white, blue and grey mostly for the winter time weddings. And being of a not that defined color they are so catchy and intriguing.


Matching colors with the theme

The fabulous wedding colors 2014 are just the start but you must then choose the perfect theme to make out of your wedding color or colors why not the edifying nuance/s. Again in a top the trends in this way will inspire you to choose a country-rustic wedding theme. In this way you can choose the neutral or earthy colors. Let yourself inspired by the great Gatsby theme and in this way count on the glittery colors to bring in your decor that luxury world and opulent style.

But don’t be afraid to be a classic bride and groom also with a contrast of colors between one trendy nuance as those above and the non-color white.

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