Funny Wedding Dresses

When the day has come for a bride to look for her wedding gown most of the times she ends up looking for something to be as unique as her wedding is meant to be.

In this respect to some brides this intention works wonders displaying elaborate wedding dresses, while to others, it simply drives one to the thought of seeing a funny wedding dress to be worn by a bride in her most important day.
Funny Wedding Dresses

And why is that? Because in their attempt to look more special than the brides before them, these brides just need to have an appearance that draws them out of the ordinary.

This is how they prefer wearing something that is not necessary classy or elegant, but ‘intriguing’ enough to attract people attention, especially the ones attending to the ceremony.

If you are this type of bride, looking for a different kind of attention, then perhaps the design of a funny wedding dress might be your thing!

You can browse through the various collections of unusual wedding gowns that are displayed online inside the photo galleries  that have been gathered by several viewers in their intention to offer unique images from the world of fashion.
Funny Wedding Dresses
You can find also collections of famous fashion designers, such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada ready to amaze the eye of the beholders with creations of very colorful fabric and designs as well.

These ones can not be 100% considered funny wedding dresses, as they are part of fashion designers’ conceptual vision.

These wedding gowns reflect the designer’s tendency to approach a different style, other than the traditional one, resulted from fabrics and combination of fabric that both of them drive a fashion designer into the desire of being playful.

Apart from expressing this playfulness, various designers have manifested their funny ideas into funny wedding dresses that are not necessary worth being worn by a bride in the day of her wedding celebration.
Funny Wedding Dresses
Such funny wedding dresses are the ones so descriptive in the comments made online by various visitors.

As it is for instance the “yummy wedding dress” made of the French Croquenbouche (little puffy pastries that are gathered in a conic pile to form a huge cake) or the “super sexy wedding dress” or the “Wedding dress with the longest train”.

There are also the funny wedding dresses displayed in various fashion parades just for the sake to expose the fashion designer’s imagination and to what extent this one can go even in the bridal fashion industry.

Examples of the funny wedding dresses in this unique type of expression could be the “Newspaper wedding dress”, “The Zombie wedding dress” and the “Toilet paper wedding dress”.

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