Gerber Daisy Wedding Flowers

There are many ways to obtain a beautiful, unique and refreshing bridal look, especially if you use the most adequate and suitable types of flowers for the wedding bouquet. Many brides are interested in obtaining a natural look for the big wedding day and so they are choosing to combine the traditional white wedding color with something more original and organic or eye-catchy, such as the green color is. You can see more and more modern brides using a green and white theme for the wedding flowers. There are plenty choices out there that you can make for green wedding flowers and white wedding flowers.

A unique example of a white and green wedding flower bouquet is the calla lily and cymbidium orchid bouquet. If you love white calla lilies and you want to give them a twist you can add green cymbidium orchids. Both types of flower can offer you that sleek, exquisite and gorgeous look that you are on to.

A white and green wedding flower bouquet can also be composed of white and green roses wedding flowers. The idea of using a single type of flower in composing a two-tonal wedding bouquet seems to be a very inspired and efficient one. In case you don’t like roses or calla lilies, and you want something more eye-catchy and playful or creative, you can go with a gerbera daisy white and green wedding flower bouquet. The white gerbera daises look absolutely enchanting, while the green ones can add that special something that you feel it’s missing.

If you love orchids and you want to have an orchid wedding bouquet, why not opt for a complete orchid white and green wedding flower bouquet! You can also keep the cymbidium green orchids and only add some white gardenias, white peonies, white plumerias or white hibiscus, and obtain a more tropical, exotic and creative wedding bouquet. A hydrangea wedding bouquet also can look great in these compatible shades of white and green. It seems that green hydrangeas are in big demand this year, especially because they are cheaper than other types of (green) flowers, and because they can provide with that natural touch that every modern bride is betting on.

If a cheap wedding bouquet is what you need, a carnation white and green wedding flower bouquet might be the best choice for you. Many economical brides are turning to vibrantly colored carnations because they can be bought for cheap money and because they look amazingly organic, delicate, feminine, graceful and attractive. Other types of green wedding flowers that you can incorporate into a white and green wedding flower bouquet are: freesias, gladiolas, dendrobiums or bells of Ireland and green berries. As for the white part, you can also choose white tulips, white stephanotis, white lilies of the valley, white anemones or white daffodils.

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