Get a Retro Look with Moschino Wedding Dresses

Moschino fashion house was founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino and it has already become known for its vibrant and provocative styles right from the beginning of the business. When he released his first creations in the fashion world, his designs were already labeled as innovative and colorful, with a touch of eccentric. They became very popular among the range of hard working women who needed the touch of innovation they could easily find in the Moschino designs.

Moschino Wedding Dresses
Moschino Wedding Dresses

The same can be said when visiting the online creations of Moschino wedding dresses. The label can be easily distinguished from among the multitude of designers’ creations, as the bridal gowns have a unique mixture of glamour and retro style. This can be seen the most eloquently with the Moschino silk tiered flounce dress that can be sensually worn by a casual bride for her outdoor wedding celebration.  The price has been set at £1,660 two years ago as the attire is quite an exquisite mini-dress reflecting a lighter than air ethereal look. The style goes for the empire line, with a fitted bodice that has attached chiffon cap sleeves and a double tiered hem.

Moschino brand is known to contain several labels: Moschino – the women and men main line, Love Moschino – women and men diffusion line, Moschino Cheap and Chic – women secondary line, only to name the exclusive ones. But along with them, there come the jewelry, the accessories, cosmetics and perfumes and also jet helmets sold across the world carrying the Moschino brand.

Moschino Wedding Dresses
Moschino Wedding Dresses

Stores that are known to include Moschino signature and also Moschino wedding dresses are located in New York City, Milan, Capri, Rome, London, Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Vilnius, St. Petersburg, Moskow, Kiev, Dubai, Kuwait City, Beijing, Nanjing and many other stores in store across the Asian continents.

In case you look for a retro look that you can wear at the registry office wedding, you can go for Moschino wedding dress, that doesn’t come cheap, but it is quite an exquisite exemplar. It wasn’t created actually as bridal attire but mostly a jacquard cocktail dress for a retail price of £805.  It has an elegant 60s vibe and can be successfully matched with ivory button pumps and a sparkling diamante headband.

When seeing Moschino wedding dresses along with the evening dresses creations you are carried back into the retro styles of the 50s and 60s with glamour of modernity and class hard to be compared to other designs.

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