Getting married in a fabulous all rustic and elegant decor

When choosing the location and date of your wedding it’s a direct correlated thought to the way it all gonna look, the decor. Part of the charm of your wedding is in this and the rest is in your task plan. So that, wanting a rustic farm wedding means not only to choose the right place but the right decorations too. Need some farm wedding ideas? This is our interest for today.

Farm wedding ideas
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If it is to go on a classic style the decorations or most of them resume at flowers arrangements. And for such a wedding type the field flowers are the greatest choice, along with seasonal ones. Besides that we recommend:

Farm wedding ideas
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  • Tree trunk on tables as support for candles, where to stand the number of the table, the siting place etc.
  • Sprinkling cans to replace the vases for any flowers you may add to your farm wedding decor. Also the glass bottles can do the same.
  • Hang banners with sweet messages or just colored. A more romantic look will be created by lights.
  • Hang lamps the old style ones on the walls.
Farm wedding ideas
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  • Don’t bring any chairs covers but have them out of wood. On tables you may opt for hemp covers.
  • A carriage wheel can be placed at the entrance. Or a wooden plate with the wedding here sign on it.
  • Depending on your wedding type as style the farm the centerpieces can be the lovely glasses with lemons inside and a few roses on top or the lavender combined with branches in a tall vase.

When it comes about the colors stay close to earthy nuances or green ones, soft pastels. And to complete your farm wedding ideas plan the favors can be jars of honey, also to suggest the sweet love that unites the bride and groom.

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