Gift Ideas for Wedding Attendants

Because a wedding is like a really big production number, it is safe to say that no one can handle it alone. The bride and groom will need to enlist the help of their friends and family in order to make their wedding day a very memorable event.

The bridal party, which consists of the people whom they hold closest to their heart, is also the wedding attendants in the sense that they make sure each and every step in the entire ceremony pushes through in the smoothest possible way. And because they have sacrificed so much time and effort to be there for the bride and groom, naturally they need to be thanked in the best possible way.

Even though it is common for the bride and groom to receive a lot of presents during their wedding, they also have to do some giving themselves. Giving attendant gifts after the wedding reception is a common practice which signifies the gratitude that the newly married husband and wife feel for the people who are part of the bridal party.

And because the ages range fro, toddler to grandparent, planning will involve thinking of thank you attendant gifts for a whole range of individuals who are at in different stages of life. You would definitely want to give them something appropriate, right? The key is to give them a unique yet useful item or trinket. It need not be expensive or rare (especially if the bride and groom have a strict or limited budget which they must stick to) but the point is to give them something that expresses heartfelt thanks and sincerity.

For the groomsmen, they will appreciate a nice gift of simple cufflinks. Elegant and tasteful, cufflinks will carry even the youngest groomsmen into the prime of their manhood. For bridesmaids, it would be a nice surprise for them to receive understated yet classy pearl necklaces or bracelets.

The little ones also ought to have their own surprises as well. Ring bearers will do well to receive smart leather belts of junior-sized neckties, and pretty little flower girls will be delighted with jeweled hair combs or ribboned head bands.

For the rest of the much older members of the wedding party, they will appreciate useful gifts that have a personal touch. A photo album, or a personalized mug with their names on it will make morning coffee and picture viewing occasions much brighter. Other great ideas would be miniature clocks, cosmetics for the girls, jewelry boxes, pen sets for the gentlemen and embroidered or personalized handkerchiefs.

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