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The engagement ring is the first proposal, the first step to make the life commitment. And every lady expects at something big and precious as the love itself. It is in the end a matter of taste and budget but when you do search for the perfect ring don’t exclude form the list the Leo Schachter engagement rings. A collection that for simply reason to be all about the diamond rings gains appreciation.

Leo Schachter engagement rings


Rings options

The style of the ring says a lot about the owner. But men want their lovers to wear a susceptible flattery         ring type. And for that you need to closely look for the one. Take a look at the options you have in the Leo Schachter engagement rings collection:

Solitaire ring. With classic round diamond you just steal the heart of your lover once again. Or maybe the princess cut, the square style will be more impressive.

3 or 5 stone ring. Now you get to another level, there where diamond shine and amaze widely as they proudly set in the ring. Simple in a row attached they make a great impression.

Marquise style. More sophisticated, this has a tear drop front center stone and a lot more on sides, a golden band to satisfy the taste of a pretentious lady.

In the same collection you will find modern styles with twisted lines and oblique attached diamonds, combinations of cuts and designs with yellow gold or platinum. And since you decide that way it will be a great idea to offer her a complete set to something that suits to such a precious ring, a necklace for example which you will find here too.

Costs of diamonds rings

The size, clarity and in a word the quality of the diamond is the first start to set a price, then it comes the brand, the design of the ring and so on. But when it comes about the Leo Schachter engagement rings expect at high prices. It is totally worthy. Unique, with white or yellow gold of 18ct, the cheapest diamond here has 1/4 carat. £1100 is the minimum price and as long as the budget is not a problem to you the engagement ring can get to more than £8000.

Known all over this world this brand shows its position in the high class jewelry fashion world.

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