Gospel Wedding Songs

Gospel music is the style of music that reflects spiritual beliefs regarding the Christian life of the church goers. It is in fact another form of Christian music that can be performed not only in places of worship, but almost anywhere when the Christ believers gather and have their prayers raised towards God. What makes gospel music different from the other traditional Christian music is the use of vocals on syncopated rhythms.

Apart from this gospel music has a broader use as it has gathered in time subgenres to include urban contemporary gospel, modern gospel music, Southern gospel and many others. There are also the forms of gospel music to utilize choirs in their sung way of praising the Lord or the Holy Spirit. These forms are defined by the use of musical instruments such as piano, drums, Hammond organ, bas guitar, and it seems to use on increased basis the electric guitar.

Due to the fact that gospel music makes use of various instruments it is seen as a genre of music to be performed in various purposes: for ceremonies (such as weddings, baptisms), for aesthetic pleasure and entertaining product to be released on the music market.

Gospel music, genealogically speaking, is very old, emerging for the first time in the 19th century and since its appearance many music critics have tried to describe it and some have come with the definition of a music that is very easy to grasp at, having  a rudimentary harmony with the use of a chorus on rhythms that make the tune sound very lively and joyful.

But as any other musical styles, gospel music has in its wide range of expressions the emotional songs that touch the religious side in each one of us with tunes that emphasize the praise through the aid of a single vocal (sopranos) that detaches from the choir bringing with their voice the thrills up and down the listeners’ spine.

If you want to take advantage of the various range of feelings and emotions that gospel music carries within its ways of manifestations, than gospel wedding songs are more than appropriate for your wedding ceremony. The fact that this music is very versatile, one can have it introduced on whichever type of venue one has chosen to host the ceremonial of a wedding day.

Some popular gospel wedding songs are: “I Promise (Wedding Song)” – CeCe Winans; “Unconditional Love” – by Tarralyn Ramsey; “The power of your love”; “Your presence makes me whole”; “Above all” and one that brings praises to Lord and performed by Cochran Field Singers  is “My Lord Is Writin’”.

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