Halloween inspired wedding

Brides prefer the unique style for everything and mostly for their wedding outfit. Inspired by nature, by the period of time, by the holidays season some may want the wedding Halloween costumes. It sounds strange for some and indeed not everyone may like something like this. Hence spontaneous ones, those who want a Las Vegas wedding will surely be interested.

wedding Halloween costumes
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Scary look, costume ideas

Wedding Halloween costumes is a chance to put your creativity to contribution. It is a wide range of options and onyl the sky is the limit. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Skeleton style dress; choosing the dress white the contour of the skeleton to be the black line, adorned also with black lace.

Zombie style. For this you need shades of grey, maybe a short dress with grey tulle, with two layers and a lace corset.

Vintage zombie. In this case imagine the wedding costume a ball gown outfit, with splits on the A line bouffant skirt. Fringes, butterfly sleeves and a tight corset. Off white it would be better.

Frankenstein and his bride imagine that or the famous Dracula and his bride are also suitable ideas for such a themed wedding.

Back to normal

Wedding Halloween costumes don’t have to be absolutely necessary the most scary look ever. In this way you can choose the celebrity style so to recreate the image of famous couples. While some may like the classic ideas modern couples may want to imitate the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William for the royal wedding. Others may be inspired by Kim Kardashian and her husband to be.

Kate seems to be a real inspiration anyhow so the wedding dress for instance doesn’t have to lose its diaphanous look just to be in theme with the Halloween idea concept.


One part couples may be concerned about is the price. Since a regular let’s say or a classic wedding dress may have alternatives to be a cheaper version the costumes are or not creative and rich in details that define perfectly that scary look. Hence you can rent them as after all it is just a one day outfit. Or if you have a specific preference and everything on a budget change a simple cut wedding dress with a minimum budget at a seamstress.

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