“Harry Potter” actors, separated in the movie together in real life- Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower

Seasoned with break ups and then reconciliations the relationship of Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower started in 2009 somewhere at the end of the year. A little bit after that she said something about the engagement and after a month it hit her: “I think I rushed this relationship (…)”. But after rumors and news about separation and then a vacation to strengthen the relationship they finally announced the big news: Bonnie Wright married is no longer a joke but a serious fact.

Bonnie Wright wedding 2012

Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower are 20 and him 22, both British. We haven’t heard from him too much but we know a long story about what she said. In September 2010 Bonnie came again with an engagement announcement but this time she remembered to say that they have no wedding plans and won’t rush to plan it. Even though it all sound …awkward…”I’m 20 now so, I should marry.” she said.


What came as an official statement this time was the People Magazine this year number April/May. With more convincement as before she said they would like to have a winter time wedding so the wedding will probably be at the end of the year, ideal to be New Years wedding or the beginning of the next year.

Bonnie Wright wedding 2012

The ring is there since April 2010, they are young, they have all the time in this world to plan the wedding once or even more to call of and so on. So not a surprise about this marriage, but waiting actually for more details and if being about the end of the year it seems that Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower will end the list of Hollywood celebrities wedding for 2012.

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