Having Kids at Your Wedding Day

As with most brides-to-be you’re likely to have a vision in your mind of how you picture your wedding day to be, often down to every little detail. Part of that beautiful vision probably does not include children running wildly through your wedding reception. The difficulty comes about if there are children close to you as a couple, either through family or friends. What’s a happy couple to do when it comes to the inclusion of children in a wedding? There are some rather simple but effectives dos and don’ts when it comes to having children at your wedding.

If you do not want children at your wedding, be sure to clearly communicate this from the very beginning. Including the phrase “Adults Only” on the invitation is a great start, and most people will take this as a hint. If it comes up in discussion, especially with any out-of-town guests or even pushy family, be prepared with a cordial but honest response. Let families know that you are having an “adults only” reception and you would appreciate their cooperation.If you are open to having children at your wedding, be sure that the invitation is addressed to the entire family. If you have out-of-town guests coming in for your wedding, work with them on any special arrangements that they may need for their children and offer suggestions on local resources that may be of interest.

It’s inevitable that kids want to run free when they see a dance floor and inevitably won’t want to sit still during your vows. Though this is really the responsibility of the parents, it can be quite helpful to them and take the stress off of you if you make some special arrangements. Coordinate a babysitter or somebody to oversee the kids at the ceremony so that parents can sit through it in peace. Have a special space or room designated to the parents that may need to step out with their little ones.Let’s face it; most kids aren’t going to want to chow down on a filet. Not only that, but you would hate to pay for a big entrée that will only have two bites taken out of. Arrange for special children meals to be served at the reception and make them fun! Work with the reception venue ahead of time and be sure to provide enough meals for all of the kids that are attending.

Kids will be kids, and the one constant is that they are unpredictable. Make any special arrangements that you can to take the focus off of the kids and make the parent’s job easier, but don’t let any crazy meltdowns or crying fits ruin your special day. If kids are there you just have to know that there is potential for some kid behavior and roll with it. Most parents will be right on top of this and you may not even realize it happened.Alternatively don’t feel bad if you want an “adults only” wedding. This is your special day and you are entitled to do things your way. Be realistic in knowing that you may have some guests that can’t attend due to a lack of a babysitter, but those close to you will make every effort possible. Don’t let it get to you if you choose to enjoy your wedding without little ones underfoot, everybody has their day and can do things the way that make them happy.

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