Hawaii Wedding Customs

Hawaii has come to be an important destination for weddings. Hawaii weddings are generally held in scenic outdoor locations either on the beach or some such romantic lovely locations. Hawaii also provides the perfect ambiance for your honeymoon especially the islands o Kauai and Maui.

Hawaii weddings customs are very beautiful and add to the charm of your special day. The money dance is customary at Hawaii weddings. As per this custom the couple dance and then the guests make a monetary gift to the couple expressing their warm wishes and blessings to the couple.

The Hawaii custom of receiving or expressing congratulations on the occasion includes presenting then with a flower garland or with a lei. A lei is put on the head of the person or the person is welcomed with a kiss or honihoni as it is referred to here. A lei is considered very important as it represents love and should not be thrown away. People hang the lei in their home when it gets old then break the string and put it in the ocean waters.
Hawaiians would prefer to be addressed as uncles or aunties and using Mr or Mrs to address an old person is not appropriate here and may sound rude. Footwear is not taken inside the home. It is left outside before entering the home. Politeness and good behavior is looked at with admiration. Talking loudly is considered rude.

Hawaii Wedding CustomsSource
Hawaii Wedding Customs

Hawaiians are known to be very simple fun loving and friendly people. The men generally dress up in slacks or the aloha shirt. While visiting a home they follow the custom of taking along a small gift as a token of their love or appreciation. They generally also help in cleaning up and do not just leave it to the person who is throwing the party.

The people here are very friendly and have strong family values and customs. They are very considerate about others and are very helpful. While on a trip abroad, it is good manners to take back some gifts (referred to as makana or omiyage) for your near and dear ones.

The people here are very simple and in fact are untouched by the commercialization that is taking place around them. They believe in human values and are very helpful by nature. They give a lot of importance to other fellow human beings. It is a society that is based on family values, traditions and customs and this is reflected in their day to day lives as well. The weddings here are conducted as per the prescribed customs and traditions. To add that Hawaiian touch, you could incorporate the Hawaii wedding customs in your wedding. The vibrant culture, customs and traditions would ensure that you have a great wedding.

Hawaii is a wonderful location for a beautiful wedding the memories of which you would cherish for life. Unlike the misconception, Hawaiian weddings are not all very expensive. A properly planned and organized wedding would be one that meets all your expectation without actually making a hole in your pocket.

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