Heart Shaped Wedding Cake in 3 Tiers

Whenever we see the symbol of the heart being drawn on a piece of paper, we think of the symbol of love and the same can be said when wanting to present your wedding guests the 3 tier heart shaped wedding cake at the reception of your biggest day. The heart shaped wedding cake in 3 tiers comes as a beautiful decorative symbol for the love that will gather you both in front of the altar to commit to each other for life.

The presence of a 3 tier heart shaped wedding cake will definitely reflect what you carry inside putting it in front of your guests to take a bite thus sharing with them the happiness and the joy that guide you to the path of a new life: the married life. Once you make the decision of introducing the symbol of heart in the unfolding of your special event, you know that this can come with the theme of the wedding or with the date of the wedding that can be settled on the Valentine’s Day.

A nice idea of a wedding theme that contains the symbol of heart can be the title “Romance is in the air”, “Love changes us all” or “Where there is no love, there is nothing”, and so on. It is up to you, as a wedding couple to decide what title of a wedding theme works the best for your own feelings, as no two wedding couples are alike in their ways of expressing love.

But the 3 tier heart shaped wedding cake can or can not be alike, this also depends on what is there that you like the most. For instance you can choose from the multitude of designs that are displayed online and see which one is of your liking, or you can get inspired by one of those creations. There is nothing to compare with the imagination and creativity of a cake decorator and maybe many times the myriad of wedding cakes that you see displayed online get their origins in the wedding theme that challenges the imagination of these artisans of sweets.

Therefore if you choose to have a 3 tier heart shaped wedding cake that is completely different from the ones that you see online, then you can use your wedding theme – which should be a real distinct one – to inspire you throughout the creation of a heart shaped wedding cake. The shape doesn’t need to be created – it is obvious that is the heart shaped tier – but the decorations and the colors are the ones to be introduced as something special, carrying your own personal touch to make it look different than any other wedding cake ever designed.

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