Honeymoon Destinations for Romantic Couples

Choosing the destination of your honeymoon you should definitely let yourself guided by the innermost feelings, by the romance that is floating in the air and go for romantic honeymoon destinations that offer themselves to the  newly weds in every corner of the world. Maybe a good idea would be to check on what other newly weds prefer as their romantic honeymoon destinations. Browsing the online websites you find out the 10 top locations selected as honeymoon destinations for romantic couples:

1. Hawaii – with its dramatic landscapes displaying green forests that border the volcanic sceneries. The tropical breezes that cool down the white hot sand of the beaches, all these turn the location in a magic place for the romantic couples.

2. Mexico – offering its variety of sceneries and colorful life to please everybody’s tastes together with the posh resorts displayed by Baja coast and the valley of Oaxaca to discover the  ancient cultures of Mayans.

3. Jamaica – is the tropical paradise of passion with non-stop nightlife where it seems fun and entertainment will never ends. As a lover for nature you could raft to explore the waterfalls that abound in the green forests of the region.

4. St. Lucia – is a place that combines a bit of Britain and a bit of France offering to its visitors a nature’s paradise in the reflection of a rain forest that can be explored with a view to the ocean.

5. Bahamas – close to USA the place is in fact a gathering of islands with romantic beaches and various accommodations for various budgets.

6. Dominican Republic – is recently seen as a great place for romantic honeymoon destinations and considering the needs of each newly weds the place offers also all0inclusive packages that meet every romantic couple’s needs.

7. Tahiti – is known as the synonym for paradise as it includes the famous islands Bora Bora and Moorea as great honeymoon destinations for romantic couples as well. The resorts are created to offer a perfect place for you to spend with your beloved one.

8. Fiji – is a romantic place that unfolds white powdery beaches where palm trees are beautifully scattered and green mountains reflecting their majestic image into the clear waters f the sea.

9. Italy – is another romantic honeymoon destination that displays landscapes from the Alps grandeur to the eternal city of Rome welcoming the visitors with the most exquisite eternal monuments decorated by the famous artisans of all the times.

10. Antigua – the tropical location is an ideal romantic honeymoon destination offering itself with its splendid beaches and perfect weather that seems to always adjust to the needs of its visitors creating as such a perfect climate.

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