How Much Do You Tip Your Wedding Planner?

When you have settled already on the date of your wedding, you dare thinking that there isn’t anything you can not handle by yourself when it comes to the wedding planning. But there is however one aspect that you kind of overlooked it: you have a job and so does your future hubby.

Your folks are also engaged in their working activities therefore you can not count too much on their support. The proposal of your families is to find yourself a professional who can help you with the wedding planning.

These professionals are generally referred to as wedding planners, but there can be various categories of such business entrepreneurs: wedding consultant, wedding event planner, wedding financial adviser, as well as the one who has it all, the wedding planner.

These professionals can work inside a company that deals with these sorts of events and many others as well, or they can be self-employed and assist the customers from their home organized as the office, the place where you meet and discuss the details before concluded the terms of the contract with your signature of agreement.

Browsing for wedding planner that is located in your area of residence you find out how many are there available and how much do you pay for your wedding planner. But further you need to know if there is the necessary thing of tipping. You have to know all these as your immediate concern is to calculate the total costs and see how much of your money can be used as your wedding budget. You must find how much do you tip your wedding planner, in case you feel like rewarding a job well done.

This is how you reach to the conclusion that you need to look in other direction than the one you have looked for when finding the wedding planners’ service package. There are the caterers who will come on due time with the menu ordered and these ones in case you feel like you can reward separately upon their arrival at the specific venue, somewhere around 10% out of the total bill.

The hair dresser services will require around 15% out of the bill, the delivery staff you can tip them around $20 which should be more than enough, and as to how much do you tip your wedding planner do not worry, he or she has already the fee taken once the contract is signed.  But yet, if you feel like tipping the planner for the exquisite job done you can go for around 10 percent out the total fee they have charged you already with.

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