In love with candies- the lollipop cake design

The wedding is all about you and your lover, about what defines you too. Some inspire from the love story to choose the wedding theme and decor, others just want to be unique and dare to be creative. Instead of choosing the classic white cake the lollipop wedding cakes are more appealing and first of all the concept itself something unique.

lollipop wedding cakes


Lollipop style and taste

Lollipop wedding cakes are quite contradictory in concept since the lollipop is something else and the cake is a different dessert. But combined they are really of an unusual look but taste also. Since it is more like a creativity test you can choose from a multitude of options.

Name them the cake pop and instead of the mini cakes, muffins, to create a shape of a cake that is a trend and a modern vision of the wedding cake you add…lollipops. Your favorite flavor, in a rainbow of colors or follow the wedding decor pallet. And for that green will be for lime taste, kiwi too, red for strawberries, yellow for bananas or vanilla and so on.

Made out of chocolate the lollipops can be just the shape of the cake, served in a practical way like muffins.

The lollipop design can be the decorative element on a simple shaped cake. Also the topper can be that way.

For something quite unusual and a more challenging to create cake type an irregular shaped cake can have the lollipops popping out of the layers. Really adorable and if you add vibrant colors combinations you create the dessert for a wedding far away from the classic style.

Prices and ideas

Lollipop wedding cakes offer you a wide range of options regarding the possibilities to play in design and choose at the same time something suitable regarding the price. It all depends on the weight and exact shape and decorations, hence this eccentric version shouldn’t be far away of the regular prices.

As alternative to the lollipops style you may want to have in your wedding theme just add some lollipops you can find for $1,80 on the cake like putting candles. Of course that suits better to an informal wedding, to a garden wedding or the hippie style one, a wedding where the etiquette us redefined.

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