Informal Wedding Invitation

Many couples take great pride in the wedding invitations they send to their family and friends. Choosing the right invitation is a long process, which consists of choosing a style, color, and most importantly the invitation phrasing. Your wedding invitations portray the wedding style along with the individual’s names who are getting married. Wedding invitations can be sent to your guests in a number is ways. For example, a few invitation styles are: Bride’s Parents Inviting, Bride and Groom’s Parents Inviting, and Bride and Groom Inviting. These are all formal methods of inviting guests and they each have their own invitation phrasing. As the name suggests, an informal wedding is more relaxed.

The following is a basic list of steps to consider when writing your invitation. This list can give you a basic understanding of what needs to be incorporated to ensure sending an invitation with proper etiquette.

Step 1 Write a general reason that you are inviting these guests.
Step 2 Include the names of both the bride and groom
Step 3 Write the date of the ceremony without abbreviating the day or month.
Step 4 Inform your guests of the location of the wedding ceremony.

An informal invitation requires a different writing style because you only need to include basic information which explains who is getting married and where it is located. With this invitation, you can write as you wish including abbreviations and the location. Because of the relaxed nature of the phrasing, your guests will understand that the wedding is informal. Invitation etiquette is not as important when writing an informal invitation. A destination wedding invitation can also be creative. You may want to consider sending an invitation in the shape of a boat or seashell, as this can also inform your guests about the informal nature of the wedding.

Wedding invitations are not always sent by the bride and groom. When planning a wedding another popular method of sending wedding invitations is to have the bride’s parents, the groom’s parents or both included in the phrasing for your wedding invitations. This is a common practice among younger couples. The main idea to consider when deciding on the phrases to be used in these kinds of invitations is to include a tone of excitement for the marriage of their son and daughter.

A wedding invitation is an important aspect of planning a wedding; and coming up with proper phrasing can be a difficult process. Two methods of inviting guests can come directly from the bride and groom, or from the parents of the bride and groom. Both of these methods are acceptable when inviting your guests, but keep in mind that each method has their own phrasing. Invitation phrasing is important and provides your guests with important information. This helps your guests understand if the wedding is formal or informal.

A destination beach wedding is a great example of an informal wedding and the invitation tone is much more relaxed. When writing a wedding invitation, be sure to include a brief phrase about the joy of the occasion and that you would like the guest to join the celebration. During your wedding planning process, feel free to incorporate these ideas and invitation suggestions.

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