Irish Wedding Songs

Irish wedding ceremonies are most of the times regarded with reverential perspectives especially when it comes to celebrating the ceremonial which the religious officiants see it as being the most important and relevant part of an Irish wedding. This is considered the main reason that has drawn the Dublin Diocesan Liturgical Resource Centre to compile a CD with the adequate music to be performed inside a church during the wedding ceremony.

Many couples have chosen various songs, mostly great hits of musicians who are Irish by birth considering that in this way these songs can brilliantly turn into Irish wedding songs. But if you want to go by the traditional songs that are normally performed inside the church, then this CD can be of a great help for the wedding couples to choose their Irish wedding songs during the unfolding of a religious wedding ceremony.

Therefore you can forget about selecting U2 or Cranberrries, The Corrs, and many other musicians to be part of your music selection for the ceremonial of your Irish wedding. They can be as well part of your wedding reception choice of Irish wedding songs, there is no doubt about it!

Irish wedding couples need to know that there is plenty of traditional Irish music that can be inserted in the displaying if the ceremony starting with the bride’s glamorous entrance to the newly weds departure. In choosing the traditional music many wedding couples have been mislead by some CDs released on the market branded as Celtic music but in fact everything inside belonged to the Brittany’s region and as such plenty of attention needs to be paid when selecting the titles and the choices of songs appropriate to an Irish wedding ceremony in the place of worship.

The first thing for the wedding couple to do is to check with their church and see what kind of music is accepted, or even better, if the music assistant has something already prepared for these occasions. As a wedding couple you have to be aware of the fact that while in some churches there is more legerity in allowing several choices of Irish wedding songs, other churches such as the Catholic one is more restrictive on this matter.

This is why you need to check first with the church’s agreement on the selection you have prepared for the ceremonial.

Further on a listing of the Irish wedding songs is displayed in order to make you have a better perspective on the kind of music the religious officiants agree more gladly upon than any other choices: Madame Cole – by The Chieftains, Celtic Harp – a piece composed by Carolan in 1719; Love Theme performed by The Chieftains for the movie “Tristan & Isolde”; Carolan’s Ramble to Cashel. Northern Lights, Celtic Odyssey;  “Celtic Melody”. DruidStone, The Vow – An Irish Wedding Celebration; “Lark in the Clear Air” by James Galway; “Give me your hand” by James Galway & The Chieftains and many others that are available also on the CD called  “The Wedding Album” released by the Dublin Diocese.

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